Call for submission : earS100 : Tribute to Elvifrance

deadline August 15th 2020

EVILFRANCE : Elvifrance vs. Earsheltering


Elvifrance was a French comic book publisher, specialised in digest-sized publications, often translations from Italian fumetti.
Edited by Georges Bielec (October 21, 1936 – July 1993),  founded in 1970 and owned by Giorgio Cavedon and Renzo Barbieri of Erregi. It ceased publication in 1992.

From 1970 to 1992, Elvifrance flooded French newsstands with obscene, violent, disgusting, scandalous comics… More than 4000 pocket-sized comic books were translated from the Italian, including the famous Luciféra, Jacula, Zara, Sam Bot, Isabella, Jungla, Incube, Electrochoc, Terror, Outre-Tombe, Terrificolor, Prolo, Mortimer, Hitler, Wallestein, Zordon… French censorship authorities prohibited and prosecuted the Press' and its owner, Elvifrance amassed hundreds lawsuits and bans.

Earsheltering is a french netlabel focusing on outsize musics and a collaborative place for free synaesthete artists

earsheltering will celebrate its 100th release and 16th anniversary in 2020 with a various artists release as a tribute to Elvifrance.
We are also happy  to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Elvifrance with this release. 

Idea and guideline for track creation is simple, just refer to an Elvifrance publication : a serie or a specific book .

Suggestion for track naming:
SERIE ROUGE N°65 "l'icone ensanglantée" or SERIE ROUGE
INCUBE N°4 "grand guignol" or INCUBE


or as you want...

no limitation about style as usual, duration is expected to be less than 10 min but this point can be discussed if needed
track should be send as wave format by wetransfert for example or other easy way to share file.

The release will be released at least as a free download release on and bandcamp

VISUAL ARTS (for covers, flyers, etc...) are welcome too

deadline for submisssion is August 15th


if you don't know Elvifrance, please find below some references on internet, sorry, most of them are in french

Elvifrance, l'ouvrage de référence : et de deux

If you want to download free Elvifrance publications, a lot are available here, but mainly in french language and little boring/long to download:

You can also DL easily here zip files with random contains in different languages. For not french version, i tried to recover corresponding version edited in other language with different publication names

French 1French 2 
French 3French 4 - French 5 - French 6 - French 7 - French 8 - French 9 - French 10 - French 11
English / Italian 1 -
English / Italian 2 English / Italian 3 - English 1
German / Dutch

Dossiers Terrificolor / Lucifera / Jungla (french)



Bernard Joubert et la saga Elvifrance sur France Culture
dans l'émission Mauvais genres : Samedi 20 février 2010
par François Angelier
le samedi de 21h à 22h








Serie Bleue

Hors-Serie Bleue
Serie Jaune

Hors-Serie Jaune

Serie Rouge

Hors-Serie Rouge

Serie Verte

Hors-Serie Verte

Serie Violette

Histoires Noires

Hors-Serie Noire

Super EF



Experimental Ambient Electro Industrial Noise Field recordings IDM Breakcore Dark ambient Drone Bipolar Abstract Brain Glitch Hallucination Jazz Minimal Monster Psychotic Soundscapes Soundtracks Technology Acid techno Acid trance Brahma Dark psytrance Detroit techno Dream trance Dub techno Electroacoustic Goa Hard trance Hard techno Ibiza trance Minimal techno Phonography Psychedelic trance Acid Ambient noise Avant garde Beats Breakbeat haos Chill Collage Confusion Dark Deep house Deep techno Downtempo Effects Elecronic dupstep Electricity Electronica Groove Horror House Hybrid Indie Instrumental Jazzcore Landscapes Live Microphone Minimal techno Mix Montage Nature Neurosis Remix Solitude Sound design Techno Trance Tribal Trip hop Vibration Vocals Wave Weird Harsh Noise Curiosity Cyberpunk Transfiguration Trauma Acousmatic Post punk Psychoacoustics Abrupt changes in behavior Cinema pour l'oreille Plunderphonics