In a weird way it seems selfish to want someone to stay alive. A person, who constantly thinks of the comforting blanket of nothingness that would consume them after a 12 gage to the head, should be allowed to do so with the support of there love ones. It seems surreal to think of a suicide funeral, but to me it is only humane to allow someone to end there life and be happy they did. Yes indeed I want to die and because of my love for the people that would be affected by my death I remain alive to continuously go through the extreme cycles of human emotion. It has nothing to do with achievement or accomplishment and even happiness. Death is a forever endless blank afterworld of thought. Even being tormented by my temporary problems, killing me would make sense because after life there are no regrets or opinions. Even if I was unhappy for only a minute of my life after years of blissful pleasure, once I slit my wrists all that does not matter. Why do we morn for the people that took there life? Perhaps no one really knows there pain until they actually hang themselves. If I could have any wish, it would be the opportunity to die without hurting anyone. Despite my talents and accomplishments nothing matters to you once you’re dead. If you died, you already did EVERYTHING!
This is not a suicide letter, but a letter explaining I want to die and I won’t do it because it is humanly unacceptable. The ones who actually go through with it are the opposite of brave. They gave up, and I think that’s ok. So by me staying alive, I am in fact a brave selfish piece of shit human just like the rest of you. We are so many things, and it is only logical that we should have the ability to die with everyone else’s approval. Maybe one day I will get lucky and crash in a car or get shot in the throat during a bank robbery; in the mean time I will continue my endless cycle of manic depression. I have a dream that all men and woman will be able to kill themselves.




Samuel Glaser
Aim: myyearwilllast