AIM: myyearwilllast


This album was created to show the discovery of evolving sound machines. All the tracks have not been touched or edited. The sound machines were built and turned on while I recorded what happened. Of course a lot of design and modifying was done to them, but in the end they were self sufficient. I would like to show other musicians that they can fabricate a piece of mind and intelligence in a living medium. It is the idea that you can transcend your brain in something none biological.

I believe we will see more releases like this. Perhaps they won’t be just mixed down WAV samples, but releasing the machines themselves so everyone can play and manipulate them. We can exchange other machines and mix and match like playing cards. The main problem right now is computer power and copy write laws on the VSTS. It was very difficult to run these machines because it takes up so much CPU, but I hope to run hundreds of these machines at once, instead of one at a time. They should always be on and streaming somewhere to be found.